Buy from Aqua Locker (AL) with absolute confidence – every order comes with an Arrive Alive Guarantee and a 14-Day Livestock Guarantee. We are committed to the health of your livestock and your satisfaction. If your livestock does not arrive alive and healthy, just let us know within 2 hours of delivery and we will get your claim taken care of. By following the guidelines below your guarantee process will be painless and quick.

DOA Claims: We have provided an easy to use the online form on our Contact Page to file DOA claims. (See below for information on 14-Day Livestock Guarantee claims.) All DOA claims must include your name and order number and be submitted via the Contact Page. If you receive livestock that is dead on arrival (DOA), the appears damaged or diseased or is the wrong animal, you must submit a claim within two (2) hours following the delivery time of your package, as provided by the delivery service. We require two (2) 30-second videos, 1) a video of the livestock in the sealed/unopened bag you received from us, and 2) a video of the livestock out of the bag/out of the water and on a white surface.

We have put these procedures in place for the health of the livestock and to ensure that people don’t leave the livestock in the box any longer than absolutely necessary. We do not require a signature for delivery. For these reasons, it is important that you follow the procedures above so we can approve your claim.

If the 2-hour window is too short, you will still be covered under the 14-Day livestock guarantee.

14-Day Livestock Guarantee Claims: We have provided an easy to use the online form on our Contact Page to file claims. All 14-Day Livestock Guarantee claims must include your name and order number and be submitted via the Contact Page. Before the 14-day period ends, you must submit a photo of the deceased livestock out of the water and on a white surface.

The Following Applies To All Our Guarantees: 

  • All videos and photos must be clear.
  • DO NOT remove coral from the plugs or rocks during the guarantee period. Doing so voids any guarantee.
  • DO NOT discard the animal(s) without approval from Aqua Locker as this will void any guarantee.
  • If you return a delivery, refuse a delivery, ignore/forget that you have livestock waiting to be acclimated OR in any way jeopardize the livestock’s health – ALL guarantees are voided. (Yeah, we care a lot about the livestock’s health.)
  • Shipping costs, fees, and additional costs beyond the price of the livestock are not covered by any guarantee and are not refunded.
  • Claims due to the following are not covered: you can’t find the animal or get it out of the tank to provide a photo, lack of a sand bed for a sand-burrowing fish, bullying, fighting, tank not of the recommended size, eaten or aggression; jumped from the tank; and torn bodies as a result of being sucked into pumps; other non-health related causes of death are not covered including as a result of negligence on the part of the customer.
  • There are no livestock guarantees on purchases made using store credit or ReefTastic Reward points.
  • There are no livestock guarantees on livestock that is free of charge or part of a promotional giveaway.
  • DOA claims for livestock items under $99 will be refunded to the original payment source.
  • Store credits will be given for all 14-Day Livestock Guarantee claims or livestock items $99 or more.
  • Store credits expire after 12 months and are not cash.
  • Claims processing can take up to 5 business days and up to 10 business days between Black Friday and New Years..

By shopping our site you agree to the terms and conditions.

No other guarantees are expressed or implied. We reserve the right to change or modify these conditions without notice. Warranties are not transferable.