Why can't I get the 30 second videos to upload?

You need to wait till each file shows a red x next to it just like in the photo below.  The files are being uploaded to DropBox, so the limit is how fast your network connection is.  If you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Does DOA Really mean Dead On Arrival?

Unfortunately, yes.  For customers who only take the Arrive Alive coverage and the lower price there is no coverage beyond the 2 hour window after the livestock arrives.  The livestock MUST still be in our bag with all clips still in place. The big question we get is why?

The biggest loss of life for shipped livestock is during acclimation. Many hobbiests panic seeing the fish laying on their side or thinking they do not have enough water. All livestock is stressed during shipping, some more than others. Arrive Alive is priced for experienced aquarists who have hands on experience receiving livestock via online ordering. This is NOT the same as getting livestock from your LFS and needs to follow different processes.

If you are new or not comfortable yet with online ordering PLEASE take the 14-day guarantee. You will find our 14-day guarantee is competitively priced.

We highly recommend that you follow our processes here.

What happened to the 7-Day and 21-Day guarantees?

We have focused on being competitive with our 14-day guarantee and in doing so we found that our 7-day guarantee was more closely priced to a 14-day guarantee. There are other sites that have popped up where they copied our pricing for a 5-day guarantee.  We feel it’s just better to offer the extend coverage at that point.

As for the 21-day guarantee coverage, not many people took that option except people who are just getting into the hobby.  This only seem to encourage new hobbiests to buy advanced or difficult livestock resulting in their loss.  This is something we DO NOT want to continue to encourage.

Why are your 14-day prices lower that other sites in many cases?

We have moved our pricing to what is called a risk rated model.  This is very similar to how insurance companies price their coverage’s.

We include Arrive Alive or a 14-day guarantee individually on EACH livestock item we sell.

Overtime as the livestock we sell has more or less guarantee losses, our prices will go up or down with those numbers.

What is Stress Free Shipping Insurance™?

First, this coverage is now free on every order, where we use to charge $8.99 for it. The coverage covers your shipment in case of losses that occur due to weather-related delays, mechanical failures or other delays on the part of the shipping company.  It is NOT a guarantee coverage on the livestock, but coverage if the package while it is in transit from us to your door.  If your Oder does not arrive on the day it is supposed to, then and only then, does the coverage kick in.

You will need to provide us photos of all the dead livestock on a white background once the package does arrive or the insurance company will not pay to reship your order.

Are any livestock items excluded from the 14-day guarantee?

No. A 14-Day guarantee is included on any livestock item we sell.  Every item we sell is using risk rated pricing.

Why does your livestock ship from 2 different locations?

Livestock that currently ships from California comes from the largest single wholesaler in the United States. We have staff onsite who hand picks only the best looking livestock for you.  If when we go to pick your order and something does not look right, we WILL NOT ship it and will contact you on what you would like to do. We take great pride in only shipping the highest quality livestock.

Livestock shipping from Texas is 100% WYSIWYG (What You See IS What You Get). It is our own facility where we can sell more high-end or rare livestock.  All items from this facility not only has photos, but has a video with it too, showing you how the items looks and acts.  All our quarantined and conditioned livestock also comes from our Texas facility. Our first physical store is also located here and residents around Houston can select local pickup for their livestock orders.

As we continue to expand we will be opening other stores in other US cites.

Gift Cards For Future Order

An example of this give away is our Fall Into Savings discounts.  This is where we provide a store credit for future orders. To qualify for this discount you cannot checkout as a guest.  Limit one store credit per household. You must quality for the discount on your first order.  Add on orders DO NOT count towards any additional store credit. Credit is valid for 30-days only and can only be used on livestock. The credit is not transferable and is not cash.