How to get Arrive Alive Only Prices

– Follow These Simple Steps –

CRITICAL – The first thing you need to know!!!

We did a recent survey that got over 3,000 responses and over 95% of the respondents wanted the site to show 14-Day warranty prices as default. Before, as you know, all prices shown on the site were for Arrive-Alive Only and you could add the 14-Day guarantee on the checkout page. 

This has been flipped! The prices you see on the site are for 14-Day Livestock Guarantee and you can select the Arrive Alive Pricing on the Checkout page. An example of this new flipped pricing can be seen both on the category page and the product page. See example for the African Flameback Angelfish below.

Next Step!!!

Add the livestock you want to your cart. For this example, we are using the African Flameback Angelfish. When you go to the cart page you will still see the 14-Day Pricing. Proceed to the checkout page. You can come and go from the checkout page as often as you want.

Final Steps!!!

Now that we have reached the checkout page scroll down till you see the section called “GUARANTEE OPTIONS – SAVE BY SELECTING ARRIVE ALIVE ONLY”. NOTE: On a desktop this is at the bottom of the page, but on a mobile device this is in the middle of the page.

Here we see our African Flameback Angel we added to our cart along with two different prices.

  • The first price is $89.99 which is the 14-Day price.
  • The 2nd is our Arrive Alive Only price for $65.99

Select Arrive Alive Only Price to See Changes

Just click on the item(s) you want to be Arrive Alive Only and magically you have the old price(s) in your cart and you  are once again saving big time! If you have any questions, please just reach out to us and we will be glad to help.